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    Oi. That picture of the Upper Greenman is nothing less than amazing. And I'm sure that actually running it would be even more special.Maybe one day you can swing out here to the Texas Panhandle and run the Palo Duro 50. What our course lacks in trees we make up for in colorful vistas, beautiful sunrises, and dry air!

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    28. Februar 2017

    “Aww,thanks! It’s nice to be appreciated, especially by all the littlepeople! They get you the furthest in life, they really do (as steppingstools, but I digress).” -chrisBE NICE TO LITTLE PEOPLE! Theirs nothing wrong with them, and the best part is soon they will be big people like us!

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    Rupieciami! Ech, ta dzisiejsza mÅ‚odzież. ;PMiaÅ‚em obÅ›miać tutaj ideÄ™ grania na plastikowej gitarze, ale przypomniaÅ‚em sobie, że w zeszÅ‚ym roku na jednym weselu mocno siÄ™ wkrÄ™ciÅ‚em w karaoke, które też kiedyÅ› mi siÄ™ wydawaÅ‚o co najmniej dziwne. 😉

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