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2009 scheint nicht nur Superwahljahr, sondern auch Superwahlstudienjahr zu werden. Nach der Bewilligung der German Longitudinal Election Study gibt es nun eine weitere Initiative: DE/CCAP. Hier die Informationen von Ray Duch, einem der Initiatoren des Projekts:
Simon Jackman, Lynn Vavreck and I invite interested scholars to participate in the German Cooperative Campaign Analysis Project (DE/CCAP) that we are fielding with YouGovPsychonomics during the September 2009 German Federal Election. The DE/CCAP will resemble the Cooperative Campaign Analysis Project (CCAP) recently completed as part of the 2008 U.S. Presidential election and the British Cooperative Analysis Project (B/CCAP) that is currently being conducted in conjunction with the next UK General Election.  This project, like the other CCAPS, aims to bring together scholars (or groups of scholars) from Universities around the world.

DE/CCAP is planned to be a four wave internet panel with roughly 10,000 people (subject to final team participation numbers) completing all four waves. The sample will be representative at the state level and oversample battleground and early primary states.  DE/CCAP will conduct a baseline wave with Common Content in April of 2009. Wave 2 will be conducted in June prior to the European Election in Germany.  Wave 3 will take place in August 30 days prior to the Federal election but will also coincide with the state election in Saarland. This pre-campaign wave will be done in the 4 weeks before the election.  The sample for this campaign wave will be rolled out in daily replicates with the goal that each day will consist of an independent sample.  Immediately after the election, a final post-election wave will be conducted.  Individuals or teams will get April 2009, September 2009, and one interim wave of data for €12,000.00.  An additional wave can be added for a total of €18,000.00.  As with earlier cooperative projects, a portion of each interview will be reserved for individual content by scholars who buy into the project.

If you are interested in participating in DE/CCAP, you should let Ray Duch know by April 15th (  A complete description of the project is available at  Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions at this email address or call me at (44) 776 0167 008.