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Tagung am MZES: „Voters, Parties and Public Policies in European Multi-level Systems“ 22./23.3.2012

Organisiert von Marc Debus, Nathalie Giger und mir wird am 22. und 23. März 2012 eine PostDoc-Konferenz am Mannheimer Zentrum für Europäische Sozialforschung stattfinden. Das Line-Up (hier auch als PDF):

Keynote address
“Partisan political representation at multiple levels”
Kris Deschouwer (Vrije Universiteit Brussel/MZES, University of

Panel 1: Voters in European Multi-level Systems

“Blaming Europe? Voter attribution of responsibility in the European Union”
Sara Binzer Hobolt (London School of Economics) and James Tilley (University of Oxford)

“Conditions for Attribution of Responsibility in Federal States: Evidence from Canada”
Fred Cutler (University of British Columbia)

“Holding governments accountable: Individual heterogeneity and institutional clarity in performance voting”
Catherine de Vries (University of Geneva) and Nathalie Giger (MZES, University of Mannheim)

“Decentralization, attribution of responsibility and economic voting”
Ignacio Jurado (University of Oxford) and Sandra León Alfonso (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)

Panel 2: Parties in European Multi-level Systems

“Whom do they represent? Determinants of policy position choice of Europarties”
Heike Klüver (University of Oxford) and Toni Rodón Casarramona (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)

“How salient is Europe? An analysis of European election manifestos, 1979-2004”
Jae-Jae Spoon (University of Iowa)

“Better than it used to be? New evidence on the congruence of voters
and their national MPs regarding the issue of European integration”
Hermann Schmitt (University of Manchester/MZES, University of

“Does the socioeconomic context matter for party-citizen linkages?
Evidence from Swiss cantons”
Jan Rosset (FORS, Université de Lausanne)

Panel 3: Public Policies in European Multi-level Systems

“Genetic imperatives: party family and multi-level strategies”
Lori Thorlakson (University of Alberta, Canada)

“Micro and macro determinants of turnout at regional elections in
Régis Dandoy (Université Libre de Bruxelles) and Arjan Schakel
(University of Maastricht)

“Multilevel systems as policy laboratories? The impact of policy
success, ideological proximity and European Union membership on
policy diffusion”
Simon Fink (University of Bamberg)

“Channelling regional or party political interests into national
legislation? An assessment of legislative initiatives of Germany’s second
Isabella Harle (University of Potsdam) and Christian Stecker
(University of Potsdam)

“Moral policy making in the German multi-level system: An analysis of
fees for same-sex unions in the German states”
Marc Debus (MZES, University of Mannheim), Christoph Knill
(University of Konstanz) and Jale Tosun (University of Konstanz)

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